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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

WSOP Final Table Thoughts
(posted by B)

Congratulations to Greg Raymer again! When we "watched" on PokerStars we didn't get the benefit of seeing all the table talk and personalities. All I can say is Raymer sure has a lot of class and Arieh seems like a total jerk and a sore loser! I was rooting for Arieh online but now I can barely stand the guy.

The PokerStars broadcast gets a major thumbs up for showing us all of the hands rather than selected ones (and of course for being semi-live). Live coverage is probably to much to hope for but I hope ESPN at least moves to full(er) coverage for the final table.

The WSOP is still way more exciting to watch than any of the WPT events or other tournaments that are on TV.

All in all, still good cheap thrills!

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