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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Riverush Poker

We actually managed to play some poker in Minneapolis tonight. Our internet connection still sucks (although I think may have just fixed it) so online poker is out. But, based on Chad’s recommendation, JD and I decided to check out the Riverush poker tour tonight. I won the last longer bet so I’m blogging tonight. As Chad said the chips, tables, and cards are pretty high quality, and the organizers are real nice, and it gave us an excuse to check out a local bar on a Wednesday night.

You start with 10K in chips and the structure is actually pretty decent (blinds start at $100/$200), and you can earn extra chips by ordering beers and dinner, whooohooo. I took the bus over from work and JD was late to meet me for reasons which I’ll let him explain, So, I was up a chip by the time he showed up.

The level of play was pretty awful—but truthfully, that makes sometimes makes it harder rather than easier. JD busted out on the early side with pocket 8s, but I think the play was solid though since you are basically playing to win with the freeroll structure.

I played pretty tight, mostly because I was getting crap, and was just trying to bide my time through the testosterone fest (yes, there were sunglasses being worn at a freeroll). I was up to about $25K when I raised to 5x the big blind ($1K) in late position with pocket aces and got called in three spots. The flop came rags 10, rag, rag and there was an all-in and a call before me. I went al-in with the Aces. One caller besides the all-in—I was up against K10o and A5o. The turn was a 10 and I was the short stack. The guy with the K10 was the ultimate Seth Green in “Can’t Hardly Wait” imitator. Despite not knowing jack about poker he managed to take most of my chips. I made it to the final table and busted out 9th. I got a cute ladies tank top for my trouble. I really do love it when they think of the ladies and they were very enthusiastic about getting the ladies out in full force.

All in all it was a fun time. I got to drink beer and check out a new bar and play poker. I think I might like the downtown ones a little better as this one was near campus and made me feel a million years old. I met my first poker blogger besides JD so that was cool. I'm looking foward to going back again.

Was this the LoneTree you played at?

Sounds like fun, I'll have to wait till after softball season to hit up some of these freerolls.
Actually, it was at Blarney's. I think it was at Lone Tree the night before.
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