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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Wireless Poker and Riverush Revisited
Our new laptop -- a Dell Inspiron 6000 -- arrived Friday. I then spent much of Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon trying to get our wireless network set up correctly. The laptop connected to the Internet just fine, but we were unable to get print and file sharing to work. Evidently this is a common problem, and I will spare you the boring details of how I finally, mostly got everything working correctly.

The main thing is that Friday and Saturday evening B and I played online poker in the living room, which was really nice because in our new pad the living room has A/C but the office (where our desktop is) doesn't, and it's been hot out.

And right now I am blogging from the living room couch while watching bad Sunday TV. Lap of luxury baby.

The wireless-online-poker dabbling we've done so far isn't very blogworthy, so instead I'll talk again about the Riverush Bar Poker Tour. Mrs.Cheap Thrills headed to downtown Minnefabulous Tuesday night for another stab at the Riverush freerolls. Our results were very similar to last time. I went out fairly early, although not quite as early as last time, and this time I'm not, um, freakin' embrassed about the way I played. Along the way I also hit a straight flush, for which I won a free beer. Woo-hoo! Mrs. Cheap Thrills got tothe final table, just like last time, and went out 8th, one place higher than last time. This was good enough for her to win another Riverush t-shirt, and this time she chose a men's shirt for me. So even though I was out of the tourney early I got a free beer and a t-shirt out of the evening :-)

We went on Tuesday with a new friend from my workplace, who I'll just call K for now. He's very into poker and seemed to know what he was doing on Tuesday -- had a decent-sized stack before going out with KK vs. AA. But then on Wednesday night K went back for another Riverush tourney. This time there were 45 people, which I think is Riverush's biggest turnout so far, and K won the freakin' thing! He received $50 in gift certificates to a local book-comics-CD store, and more interestingly, a seat at the Riverush finals. So now it looks like I might have to go watch that tourney, if only to root for for both K and Chad.

K and I have made plans to head down to the Canterbury either Saturday this coming Saturday the 5th or Sunday the 6th. So I'm gonna have to get back on the online horse this week in preparation.

Isn't the wireless network awesome? Sometimes I take my laptop to bed for those last few orbits before lights out :) I just replaced my old 802.11b wireless network with an 802.11g network yesterday, as a matter of fact (faster). Glad to hear you got the file/print sharing working - I had a helluva time with mine too. Once it works though it's great.
I'll be at the Lone Tree this Tuesday for another Riverush punishment session.

I actually have no softball this Tuesday...

Hmmm, might have to discuss this with the wife.
Both K and Mrs. Cheap Thrills want to take another shot this week. I've suggested Tuesday . . . will know for sure tomorrow.
Yup, we'll be at the Lone Tree tonight (Tuesday).
Getting the rides downtown are the problem.

Guess I'll have to stick with the local bar's tourney till one of my friends offers to drive.
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