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Friday, April 09, 2004

Building My Poker Table: Update
The materials for the poker table I'm building arrived yesterday. The felt is a blue-ish sort of green, which I didn't expect, but I can deal with that. The stainless steel drink holders are very nice.

It's the "perfect padded rail" that I'm a worried about. It basically looks like black rubber hosing. OK, I guess it is rubber hosing. I think it'll look OK once it's properly attached to the table, instead of all coiled up like it is now, but my bigger concern is that it smells like rubber. To the point that your hands smell unpleasantly like rubber after touching it. For now I've uncoiled it and laid it out in the corner of the living room in an attempt to "air out" the smell. I'll also wipe it down with a wet cloth to try and get rid of factory dust or whatever might be on it. After that . . . I don't know. Might end up having to cover it with vinyl or something . . . which would pretty much defeat the purpose of using "perfect padded rail" instead of just stuffing and vinyl as demonstrated on this page. Anyway, for now, take warning. B and I will be out of town next week (I'll post on why tomorrow), so I won't actually start building until the 19th or so.

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