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Thursday, April 01, 2004

The first post!
So I've decided to start a poker blog.

I've been playing online poker since April 2003, but I only just got drawn into the world of blogging a couple weeks ago. I was browsing through my dozens of bookmarked poker sites when I stumbled across this article on poker blogs at www.pokersavvy.com. I started bookmarking the most interesting blogs, such as Guiness and Poker, which lo and behold is the blog of Ignatius J. Reilly, the author of the pokersavvy.com article.

But I didn't truly get hooked until I followed the advice of Jeremy, host of the Love and Casino War blog, on downloading the Syndirella newsreader. Since then I've spent as much time reading poker blogs as I have playing poker, and that's a lot of time. And here I am now starting my own.

So that's the quickie background on how this blog came to be. And as I understand this blog thing, posts are supposed to be short and sweet, so I'll wrap this one up. I work as a freelance writer and book editor, so my tendency is to scrutinize, revise, and generally over-analyze everything I write. I'm going to try and do the opposite with this blog, and just let the poker musings and tales of low-limit thrills flow!

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