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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

My Mom Has Joined the Party
So my bankroll at Party Poker suddenly jumped from 80 cents to $70.80. $20 of it came from a random bonus Party gave me. The other $50 is a bonus for referring my mom.

My conscience keeps insisting I have done a Bad Thing, but I couldn't refuse my mom.

It's not really surprising. She's been hearing me and B talk about poker for over a year now, and many months ago she downloaded the software and started having fun at the play money tables. Interestingly, her favorite game has been Omaha 8 or Better Hi-Lo, a game I haven't really been able to get into. I think she's been winning at the play money tables, although she's been suspciously vague on the details. She's certainly in for a different type of game at the real money tables, even the .50/$1 ones. As I tried to warn her, her play money experience may even be a hindrance, since she probably won bigger pots with her wins than she will at .50/$1. (Then again, this is Party Poker we're talking about.)

Already she's feeling the butterflies in her stomach from the roller coast ride of being down $20, then up $20, then down $30, then even, etc. Will she be able to adapt? Tighten up? Cap it when she's got the nut low? I don't know, but I'm not counting her out. This is, after all, the woman who gave me my my love of games and had a big hand in shaping my competitive nature.

OK, I'm off to clear my $50 before I start feeling too guilty about it . . .

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