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Friday, April 09, 2004

On Keeping Up with All the Blogs Out There
Eight days old, and my blog has reached a couple milestones: Iggy at Guiness and Poker mentioned my blog, and HDouble of The Cards Speak gave Cheap Thrills its first comment. Cool.

Iggy also remarks on the number of poker blogs out there: "It's *almost* to the point where I can't keep up anymore." Wow, glad I'm not the only one who finds the sheer volume of poker content out there a bit daunting. For the past couple weeks I've been going through blog after blog. I initially browsed randomly, but it got the point where I couldn't remember which blogs I'd visited and which I hadn't (reading blogs with beer in me exacerbates that problem; Syndirella alleviates it some degree), and for which ones I'd read through the archives and which I'd just skimmed the latest posts. I finally started a Word file in which I keep notes on that kind of stuff, along with comments on the personality and style of various blogs ("This guy play low low limits like me," "This guy is thinking of going pro," "This guy's funny," etc.). The links section at the right just shows the poker blogs I feel I'm now somewhat familiar with, and I'll add more as I get caught up with them.

I thought I'd read through the archives of The Cards Speak, but I missed HDouble's earliest posts on "why play poker?"
Poker offers an intensity of experience that is absent from most other arenas of my life. Although this romantic view of the game may be a bit overblown, I really feel this way when thinking about my win or loss on the drive home from the casino, and the feeling is what counts. Maybe this feeling will disappear with experience, but I hope that it won't.
Great stuff. I had been debating how much to blog about older posts that I find interesting--fearing that maybe it'd be like coming in late to a discussion and bringing up stuff that's already been covered--but now I'm thinking I'm not the only one who's missed a lot of the earlier gems.

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