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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

VVPQotW: Aruba
Boy do I love the WPT Aruba event. If you go way back to my second post, you'll see that Aruba was the very first WPT I saw. My wife B and I are parrotheads, and the image of poker in paradise just really pushes my buttons.

Anyhoo, before I get to the Vince Van Patten Quote of the Week (VVPQotW), I have to throw throw out B's quote of the week. We are watching tonight's WPT, and right after Rick Casper's profile/interview, where they discuss how he is going to propose to a women he met a month ago if he does well in the tourney, B offers a synopsis of his remarks:
I met this girl, and her boobs are bigger than my head, so if I win this tournament I'm going to giver her half my money.
Heh heh heh. Seriously though, they did get married, so of course I wish them well.

A couple other notes on tonight's episode:

Did anyone else notice the Pokershootout.com commercial with the midget? The tagline was "Where the little guy can win." Oh my goodness.

Kudos to Erick Lindgren, it seems there's a ton of buzz surrounding him. His line of the night, just after Daniel Larsson had bluffed his 66 out of a pot with Ax: "I'll break you next time." Maybe his nickname should be Drago instead of EDog?

And the VVPQotW is . . .
Put this in your Irish stew, chef, and smoke it.
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