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Friday, May 21, 2004

Embarassing Moment at the Micro-Limits
OK, so after the WPBT III this past Sunday, I decided I was sick of Pacific's lousy software, so I cashed out. Problem is their cashouts take a few days, and unfortunately I had all my bankroll tied up with them. So last night I insta-cashed $50 into Paradise, because Paradise covers insta-cash fees. Boy is that a great feature. Coupled with their software, which I feel is the best out there, I enjoy playing there despite the tougher opposition.

Right now I'm up $23 at the .50/$1 Hold'Em tables. Last night, however, I had a few beers with dinner (nice weather so we grilled), enough that after playing a bit of .50/$1, and winning a bit, I realized I was just a bit too inebriated to really focus. (Failing to make that realization has cost me significant $$ in the past.)

Nothing on TV, though, so I checked out the .02/.04 tables at Paradise. I enjoy 7-Stud Hi-Lo in home games, but have never played it in a casino. Why not a little practice at .02/.04?

So I sit down. I end up making a full house on like the 3rd hand, beating out a flush for the whole pot. A few hands later I'm going low and end up making the straight for the scoop. Same thing happens again a few hands later. Now I'm up over $1.

Then I get a really solid low, and my opponent is obviously going high. We show down and he's awared the whole pot with just two pair and no low. What's going on?

I'm not playing a Hi-Lo game, of course. This is regular 7-Stud. Whoooooooops! I had clicked the wrong game in the lobby. That's not so bad, but to not realize it for so long, and to win not realizing it, well, that's bad. I don't think the poker gods were smiling on a drunken fool so much as they were playing a cruel joke on my opponents. My apologies and sympathies go out to them. If they had wanted to play with seemingly insane opponents, they would've gone to Party Poker!

Turns out Paradise doesn't offer .02/.04 for Hi-Lo, nor for any game besides Hold'Em and 7-Stud. That's a shame, cause I'd like to play some of the games in their "miscellaneous" section for micro-limits, particularly Pineapple.

I played 7-Stud for the rest of the evening and cashed out exactly even. Ouch, I had better results when I was playing the wrong game . . .

Now I face a tough decision. Try and keep up the winning ways at Paradise .50/$1 Hold'Em, or take my money over to Party to take advantage of their latest reload bonus? It's hard to turn down a bonus whoring opportunity, but I'm really in a groove at Paradise and Party requires such a shift in playing style. Something to ponder.

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