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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

VVPQotW: Battle of Champions
Tonight's episode originally aired before the Super Bowl, but B and I were pretty busy that day--we actually hosted a poker tourney before the game, and were still wrapping things up when the WPT tourney came on. So I vaguely remembered some parts but mostly it was a new episode for me.

I had definitely forgotten about that 60-second clock and how annoying the beeping is. Would Rone Rose have called Juha Helppi's final all-in if he hadn't been rushed by the clock? Would Jose Rosenkranz have called Howard Lederer's?

Other notes:
--Didn't know Juha Helppi was captain of the Finnish national paintball champions.
--Not that it needs reiterating, but that pokershootout.com commercial with the midget is truly awful.
--Mike Sexton's quote of the week: "No cutesy-wootsey poker here."

The Vince Van Patten Quote of the Week came after the "Costa Rican madman," Jose Rosenkranz, caught an 8 on the river, to give him a set, after Howard had gone all-in with AKs and caught two pair. Feeling Howard's pain, VVP explained to the home audience that
That's the kind of thing that hurts your whole immune system.
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