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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

VVPQotW: Poker Stars Caribbean Cruise
It was an unusual WPT tonight, in that 3 of the players at the final table went out extremely quickly, leaving us the viewers to watch 3-handed action for more than an hour. Fortunately we had Gus Hansen's unpredictable play to keep things exciting.

Just a few comments on tonights's episode:

--I'd never heard a pair of 4s referred to as "the midlife crisis" before.

--Was this the debut of the "WPT Critical Replay," or had I just not noticed it before? Because there's really not enough slow-motion in TV poker coverage.

--Shanna Hiatt had a segment on "what's your favorite hand to play?," and no one mentioned the Hammer?!

And now on to the Vince Van Patten Quote of the Week.

Vince had several quotable lines tonight, and I faced my toughest decision yet on which quote to pick. However, Vince's funniest lines tonight all seemed very scripted (and a couple of them, while somewhat amusing, were distastefully mocking of Hoyt Corkin's southern background), so in the end I decided to go with one that I thought was both spontaneous and really very descriptive of Gus Hansen's play. When Gus Hansen looked down at 73o for the final hand of the night, VVP quipped
He's got a creepy little hand. That's a Gus hand.
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