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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Bonus Alert
I put a little Absolute Poker banner on my blog, and the next thing you know I'm shilling about their next bonus. Actually there's a simple cause and effect explanation: because I signed up as an affiliate, I got an e-mail today alerting me about a 25% reload bonus this weekend. Quoth the e-mail:
Starting on June 18th - June 23rd All players will receive 25% on ALL deposits, initial and re-loads!

Even better...June 25th

Absolute Poker is offering the FIRST ever Rake Free ’Till it Breaks marathon!
Starting Friday June 25th at 8pm Absolute Poker will put an unlimited number of $6/$12 Holdem tables into play, and they will be 100% rake free until they break!
I'm posting about it because I hate when I get an e-mail from Party or whoever telling me about a reload bonus on such short notice that I can't take advantage of it. Unfortunately the 6/12 rake-free thing is not a cheap enough thrill for my bankroll.

Anyway, happy bonus whoring!

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