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Friday, June 04, 2004

Dysfunctional Americana Country
I try to keep the posts poker-related here at Cheap Thrills, but I hafta admit the link with this one is a bit tenous, as it's about what I've been listening to while playing poker online. Very briefly, I just discovered Shoutcast and am thrilled with it. I've got a lot of mp3s and have them organized in MusicMatch, but MusicMatch is a big memory hog and I usually experience problems when I have it and a poker site open at the same time. Not so with Shoutcast streaming through WinAmp.

My favorite station is Boot Liquor Radio: American Roots Music for Saddle-Weary Drunkards. They play "alt country," as well as classic stuff like the Outlaws and Hank Williams, along with some modern "Americana" stuff by non-country artists such as Springsteen and Elvis Costello. And much of it with a drinking theme. A frequent station identification: "Hey, you don't have to be drunk to listen to Boot Liquor Radio, but it sure does help."

And to keep this post as poker related as possible, here's the lyrics from the first verse of "30-20-10," by the Sovines, which Boot Liquor played last night:
I come out here two years ago with three kids and a wife
On the run from what I done in Kentucky with a knife
That boy had it comin'; anyone could plainly see
He was dealin' from the bottom, and it was him or me
Update, June 23, 2004

Boot Liquor has a new website and has moved from Shoutcast to Live365. Can't say I care for the move--the Live365 site is annoying and the sound quality is poorer--but it's still great music.

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