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Friday, June 04, 2004

Slate & Bloglines
I stumbled across a Slate.com article on the WSOP that I don't think I've seen mentioned elsewhere. An excerpt:
These days, every channel has a poker show. They all have those lipstick cameras that offer peeks at the players' hole cards and promise the nervy suspense that comes with an all-in bet. But Bravo's Celebrity Poker Showdown has witty celebs. The Travel Channel's World Poker Tour includes the game's best—or at least most famous—players duking it out in fancy resorts. The World Series, then, offers the big bucks and the idea that "anyone can win." Anyone can win, though, is less exciting than it sounds. In sports, it's fun to root for the underdog because of the small chance that he can knock off a superstar. But when anyone can win becomes anyone always wins, you're just left looking for a familiar face.

I stumbled across this article because I just signed up for Bloglines. Until last week I had been using SauceReader to keep track of all my favorite poker blogs, but then they released a new version which is very unstable on my crappy Windows ME system. I really liked some of the features in SauceReader but am so exasperated with my computer crashing lately that Bloglines has won me over.

I currently have about 50 poker blogs on my "blogroll," which you can view here. This number's gotten big enough that, with the exception of the Blogfather, if you don't have an RSS feed ("Atom" for Blogger bloggers) I'll be reading your blog more infrequently.

Brief recap of my recent play: Won $40 in a way-too-long (5.5 hours) session of .25/.50 on Absolute Monday night. It was just too hard to walk away from such soft tables. Lost $19 in 40 minutes at some far too tight-aggressive tables on Paradise last night. My family's coming up for a visit this weekend so I probably won't get in much poker.

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