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Friday, July 30, 2004

4 Queens in 7-Stud
B and I are headed out the door, off to enjoy opening weekend in Saratoga. We planned to leave at 4pm; I stopped working around 3pm and hopped on to Paradise Poker to kill a little time with $2 max-buy-in No Limit. That was way too boring, so I checked out the 7-Stud tables. No 1/2 tables, but there were 3 2/4 tables. I tell myself "I'll just watch."

First, I notice at least two players from the .50/1 and 1/2 tables. Second, the ante is a quarter, same as 1/2, so it doesn't cost much more to sit there and wait for good cards. So I sit down.

My first hand is rolled up Queens! I have been dealt 3-of-a-kind exactly once before at online 7-Stud. That was rolled up 8s, and they lost. I complete the bet with my QQQ and am reraised. The player who had called the initial .50 folds, and I figure the bring-in will probably fold, so why not reraise. I do and the other raiser caps it, it's just us two. 4th street brings blanks for both of us.

5th street is a Queen for me.

I'm wishing like hell I had played slower on 3rd street; too late for such thoughts now. I bet after a pause on 5th, 6th, and 7th streets. My opponent folds and I show, figuring the strong image should be good for a couple steals. Dang, I only made a $20 profit on the 4-of-a-kind! Then B gets home and, embarassed to be playing poker rather than working or packing the car, I commit some egregious poker etiquette and leave the table. Then she hops in the shower, hence this post.

OK, gotta go pack! Wish me luck at the track.

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