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Monday, July 12, 2004

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Tilt
Normal JD: I respect an opponent's raise until he gives me reason to do otherwise.

Tilted JD: You're raising me? Well that don't scare me none, I got a pretty good hand. Just to show you I mean business I'll reraise. Oh, you want to cap it. Fine by me!

I am up $131 at the .50/$1 7-Card Stud games at Paradise since I started playing them three weeks ago; B is up $57 in just a week and a half. The term "ATM game" applies. Then last night I gave the $1/$2 game a try. It went pretty well except for a couple hands where Mr. Tilt emerged to scoff at opponents' raises while holding 2 pair, for a final loss of $30. Mr. Tilt was then beaten and thrown back in the basement.

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