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Sunday, July 25, 2004

My Saturday Night
I said, "I hate people."
Wait; I do not like how that sounds.
It's not that I hate people.
It's just that I feel better when they're not around.
--Steve Owen, "A Pair of Brown Shoes."
So Mrs. Cheap Thrills is out of town for the weekend and I'm all by my lonesome. But honestly, I got out and socialized last night. I even blogged about it in my last post.

And let me be clear (in case the Steve Owen lyrics don't make the point) that I'm an introvert in exactly this sense of the word: It's not that I'm truly antisocial; it's merely that being social tires me out. I have high-twitch, low-endurance smalltalk muscles.

So tonight I've been 100% antisocial. Personal time, recovery time. And given some personal time, instead of ice cream and a movie or a cigar and a baseball game, I like a beer and some online poker.

It's been a good evening. I won $105 at Paradise $1/$2 7-Stud while watching a rerun of SNL. One guy was just giving money away at the 7-Stud table, and meanwhile I was cracking up (I always find SNL quite hilarious when I haven't seen it in several months).

Then I headed over to Absolute $2/$4 and who do I run into but my buddy Odogg. This is about the 3rd or 4th time I've run into him at AP in the last couple months. Lately we worked out that's it's easier to chat via IM (love a program called Trillian). Being the ethical guys that we are, without really discussing it, we worked out a protocol where if only one of us is in a hand we let the other know what he's holding, but only if one of us has already folded. We then critique each other's play and such. I still feel like maybe it's borderline unethical. Oh well, it's fun, and me and Odogg should be the Very Last Thing on your list of worries about online poker.

After SNL, I switched over to Sc-Fi channel, which is airing Tremors 4. Talk about guilty pleasures.

Right now I'm up a whopping $11 after 2+ hours at Absolute 2/4. I blame Tremors 4 for the fact that I am not doing better. Maybe I should go sleep soon. Sometimes I hate how blogging leads me to these sensible realizations :)

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