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Thursday, July 15, 2004

New Poker Books
Woo-hoo! My order from Overstock.com just arrived today. It consists of the following:

(By the way, I like the reviews at winningonlinepoker.com--they seem to jive with my experience so far.)

The total for the order came in at $60. I paid for it with cash from my poker bankroll--don't want to dip into the poker bankroll on a regular basis, but I figure I'll allow it for infrequent poker-related purchases.

Okay, I guess I'll have a lot to blog about once I actually read these puppies. Weight- and thickness-wise they remind me of textbooks, and having them all arrive at once makes me feel like I'm back in college at the start of a new semester . . . Advanced 7-Card Stud Theory, Applied Hold'Em Methodology, Introduction to Pot Limit, and a seminar on loose games . . .

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