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Thursday, July 01, 2004

VVP Quote of the Week: Season 2 WPT Championship
Regarding last night's WPT championship event, it was very disappointing that none of the previous "champions" were at the championship final table. Sure this had a huge prize pool, but doesn't the WPT realize that America wants to see the players they've seen win before compete against one another? I certainly hope that they'll have another "tournament of champions" as they did for last year's Super Bowl, but just from a ratings standpoint, I think the "tournament of champions" ought to be the WPT championship event. Even Mike Sexton, when presenting the "WPT Player of the Year" award to Erick Lindgren, said something like "In my opinion this is the most prestigious award in poker," thus inadvertently slighting the championship event.

I figured I'd revive the Vince Van Patten Quote of the Week for the WPT championship. Vince's quote of the week was a line he's used before. When Richard Grijalva had K-10 and Hasan Habib had KK, the board came 9-high. Hassan bet, and Richard went all-in and lost. Mike Sexton commented that Grijalva's bluff wasn't that bad a play, and Vince quipped that
He made the right move at the wrong time.
This is basically what Lancey Howard says to The Cincinnnati Kid in the final scene of that classic film, and that's why it received "quote of the week" status.

Click here for the last VVPQotW.

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