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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Busy, Busy
Just an update on my poker over the last couple of weeks . . .

I finished 40th out of 133 in the blogger tourney. That's pretty typical of my tourney play: Decent, but not great; top 3rd, but not in the money. I lost when I went all-in with AJ against AK (a big, dumb mistake), so I cannot complain about bad beats.

I enjoyed the tourney quite a bit, though. I loved the better structure at Stars (too bad they have the best tourney players!). I think I've even come around to liking tourneys a bit more -- the blogger tourney reminded how much fun they can be. I just don't think I'm positive EV at them (my limited records indicate I'm below breaking even), whereas I know I'm positive EV at ring games and they are more my bag of chips. I lurked around until the very end, watching ToddCommish and MtDewVirus battle it out for 1st place. Fun stuff. The chat was great.

I've got my home game tonight (I cancelled it last week for the blogger tourney). About 5 weeks ago I started hosting a .25/.50 limit game (several players are poker newbies) on Thursday nights. We play one orbit each of Hold'em, Omaha8, and 7-Stud. We skip Omaha8 with fewer than 7 players. If you're near Providence and interested in such low stakes, drop me a comment or e-mail.

I started a weeknight game because B (aka Mrs. Cheap Thrills) and I have had our weekends all booked up for some time, and we keep missing the weekend games that some of our friends have organized. The past 2 weekends we had weddings, and this weekend we have another (October is the new June!). The weekend after that I've got a small boardgame convention (which will feature a $20 buy-in Hold'em tournament). This past Monday was B's birthday (she's 30 now, like me) so we went out for that. Finally, last week I finally joined a gym and all this week I have been sore all over.

With all this going on I managed to squeeze in some poker, but only about half as much as I would have liked. After my horrible session last Wednesday where I dropped $70 at Interpoker, I decided to go back to Party and grind out some wins. I actually re-deposited at Intertops because DuggleBogey at Go be Rude pointed out that they offer several freerolls for frequent players. On Sunday I had a lousy couple of sessions where I was up and down quite a bit, finally dropping $50. It didn't help that I was in bodily pain from working out for the first time in a looong time, and that Sunday afternoon I had had several beers at a local sports bar while watching the Pats-Jets game: tired and tipsy was I. During the second session I could tell I was playing awfully, folding winners and calling down with second-best. I take some comfort in the fact that I realized I was on a bit of tilt and promptly quit.

Then last night I won that back plus $20. Would've played more but I also played in a $500 freeroll that was restricted to players who had played 50 raked hands in the previous week. Only 113 players signed up. I finished 42nd -- unhappily reminiscent of my so-so finish in the blogger tourney. Intertops also offers $1500 and $3000 freerolls at the end of each month for playing 500 and 1500 raked hands. I am going to try and qualify for these next month, then have B play in them for me (and the Wednesday night freerolls), because she is better at tourneys than me.

Back to ring games, if I leave out the Interpoker unpleasantness, I've been treading water at Party $2/$4. I am reminded of HDouble's maxim that you only get better or worse at poker, you never stay the same, or as both he and Iggy have written, "stasis = death." I've taken over $500 out of Party $2/$4 since I made the jump to $2/$4 back in July, but I've been playing less lately and doing worse. This is what heppened to me last year when football season and then the holidays came around: I played a lot less, and lost my feel for the game. The answer, then, must be to play more! After 3500+ hands my BB/100 hands figure is 3.5, and I feel it could be higher.

As I already said, though, I've got my home game tonight and then tomorrow we're headed up to a wedding in Rochester. Both should be a blast, but the Party $2/$4 games will have to wait. We get back Sunday, but that's Halloween, so I'll probably be back in the saddle on Monday.

The other big thing on my poker radar: Foxwoods. The World Poker Finals have already started down there. The big WPT event will be going on November 13-17. I am determined to get down there during that time, both to play and to see a WPT event in person. Also, Felicia is going to be there, and it would be cool to meet her! I just need to find the time. I'm free the weekend of the 13th, so I'm thinking B and I will definitely head down then -- but I also may try and get down there during a weeknight next week to get a few hous of live play. I will definitely post here once I decide on a day.

This isn't my most interesting post ever but I'm glad I'm staying current with my blog and the poker Blogospshere. Hopefully next week I'll have more Cheap Thrills to report :-)

Thanks for the shout out.

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