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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Interpoker, yuck.
Ugh, I just finished up an awful evening at Interpoker. (Not to be confused with Intertops Poker, which I just blogged about 2 posts ago.)

Seeing how well my bonus whoring at Intertops had gone, I decided to chase down some of the other bonuses my fellow bloggers have been talking about. Interpoker is part of the Cryptologic group of sites, and it offers players 100% match bonus up to $90 -- each month.

Too bad their software sucks. Possibly worse than Pacific Poker or Pokertropolis, and that is saying something. The games were soooooo slooooooow. I was 2-tabling, and it seriously felt like single-tabling at other sites, there was so much downtime. I might've tried 3-tabling if I had a bigger monitor.

Plus I was losing. The lowest level for limit Hold'em is $1/$2, and there were no-folders galore. I knew how to beat that kind of game once upon a time, but I never enjoyed it all that much, and now I generally avoid it. Despite knowing deep-down that my set of tens losing to a straight on the river is positive EV, I still find the constant suckouts disheartening. All in all, just not my idea of fun, even for a $90 bonus.

Another annoying thing about the software is the waiting lists. Tonight most of the games were full, and when you get on the waiting list for the next availble $1/$2 game, the next game is often a 1/2 games that is being played in pounds. So really it is more like a $2/$4 game, but if you refuse to take a seat, you go off the waiting list. Some of pounds tables were just a bit less crazy than the dollar tables, so I played them for a bit, but if I'm gonna play $2/$4 I might as well play at Party.

I kept telling myself, OK, just fold, fold, fold to clear this bonus, but after about 250 total hands out of the necessary 450 raked hands, I am giving up. Oh yeah, I am down $70. Screw it. I'm headed back to Party, where the software has grown on me and where I can actually practice table selection.

But the final annoying straw is that I cannot cash out until I receive a pin number from them via snail mail. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Fortunately I've got some money in Neteller and other sites, so I won't have to go poker-free while I wait for this pin.

I love Party/Empire skin. I have always had some reservations about using any other site. I had to signup for Poker Stars for the tourney, but I have no desire to see any other site. I guess I do not trust any of them! heh. Damn Stars didnt have a signup bonus! Jerks! Oh well. I can get a great hat for 10,000 player points!
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