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Thursday, January 06, 2005

1 in 9 vs. 9:1
As into poker as I am, I can still sound like a moron when I talk about math. There's something I should work on.

In my last post I summarized a little chart of odds and outs that I have near my desk, and I didn't type it up well. I said, for example, that is you have 5 outs, your odds are 9:1. Duh, what I meant was that your odds of hitting your card are 1 in 9, which of course is not the same thing, as an anonymous commentor pointed out, and yes, I did forget that after 3 beers last night :)

The correct chart, adapted from Abdul:

5 outs, odds of hitting are 1 in 9.
6 outs, 1 in 7
7 outs, 1 in 6
9 outs, 1 in 5
11 outs, 1 in 4
15 outs, 1 in 3
23 outs, 1 in 2

And again, these are rough numbers. When I wrote it up, it was just to help me get a feel for the relationships between odds and outs.

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