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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Jets-Induced Tilt
Mrs. Cheap Thrills, aka B, huge Jets fan, 20 minutes after their loss: "Boy I feel like playing some poker, but I know I shouldn't."

Me: "That's because you want to punch someone in the face right now, and raising somebody in poker feels a little bit like punching them in the face."

B: "Nah, taking down the pot feels like punching them in the face. That's what I wanna do."

Me: "Yeah, but without good cards, you're likely to settle for the next best thing--raising with whatever you got."

B: "Which is why I said I shouldn't play."

The Jets blew it! I was screaming at my TV because I wanted to play the Jets a whole lot more than the Steelers! I will get revenge for your wife though! (I hope).
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