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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bring on the WPBT
I just signed up for the blogger tourney on PokerStars. As usual, my game plan is to just catch incredibly good cards throughout the tourney :-) But really, while I have often posted that tourneys are not my thing, I have been playing more NL ring games lately so maybe that will help my game. (I'm beginning to "get" NL in a way that I never really did before--and actually started winning decent amounts--but that's a topic for a future post.)

Statement of the obvious: The new WPBT Leaderboard is a very cool idea.

Once again I'll just post a little reminder that my screen name on PokerStars (and Party, and Paradise, and Absolute) is LanceyH. What can I say, I created my accounts at most of the major poker sites before I started this blog. LanceyH is a reference to the character of "The Man" in The Cincinnati Kid, and even if I could I don't know that I'd trade it in for "CheapThrillsJD" (IMO LanceyH is a pretty cool poker screen name, and besides, "CheapThrillsJD" is too long a screen name at some sites, while JD is always taken or too short). The only time the LanceyH/JD thing becomes a problem is when I interact with other bloggers--and as many scribes have discussed recently, who could've known the poker bloggers would be interacting so much?

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