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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Return to the Online Tables and My First Stud-8 Tourney
I reurned to the online tables tonight. Well, actually it was last night. I've been a little sick, lots of coughing and congestion, and last night I hopped on to Paradise using my wife's account and played a little .50/$1 7-Stud. I had to use Mrs. Cheap Thrills's account because, to enforce my break from online poker, I had cashed everything I had out of Neteller. I had redeposited Sunday night, and since it takes 4-5 business days for deposits to clear, I planned to return to the online tables this weekend. But, feeling sick and sorry for myself, I asked B her password at Paradise and indulged myself a little early.

So last night I won $10 in a quick 45 minutes or so of play. Then tonight I planned to do the same, but as I sat down at the table someone typed into chat that there was a "7@7" private tourney going on -- $7, 7pm, Stud-8, and the password is simply "STUD." The chat message said see http://hi-lo.net for details. So I did. Seems they host regular private tourneys on Paradise, at games and buy-ins that Paradise doesn't think are worth offering on their own. I had been wanting to try a Stud-8 tourney for a while -- they have regular $1 Stud-8 tourneys at Stars -- but I figured why not spend $7 of the $10 I won last night. I finished 8 out of 37, no money but it was fun and I plan to try a few more of them.

Anyway, I am back online. Now I have to decide where I want to play for what are to me "serious" limits, that is, $2/$4. I'm trying to decide between going for the current bonuses at Pokerrom or Intertops, or trying to bonus-whore a new site like The Gaming Club or Doyle's Room. Right now I am leaning toward Intertops.

P.S.: Hi-Lo.net also has some cool alternate graphics for the Paradise software.

P.P.S. http://www.7stud.net seems to offer the same thing as Hi-Lo.net -- 7-Stud and Stud-8 tourneys on Paradise at low buy-ins. Cool.

Pokerroom's bonus is hell to clear at the lower levels. Only go for it if you are going to play $2/$4 limit or higher.
Thank you for the honorable mention. My wife and I host 7 stud and 7studHiLo8 tourneys at Paradise Poker through www.7stud.net
All are welcome with passwords and tourney schedule posted at the site. Register for a free email address (YOURNAME@7stud.net) and join our group of players.
I look forward to playing poker with you soon.
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