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Friday, February 04, 2005

Wish I Had the Hand Histories
We hosted a pretty rowdy home game last night at the House of Cheap Thrills. I haven't posted about it much, but Mrs. Cheap Thrills and I have been hosting a regular Thursday night game. We only play for .25/.50 stakes, and it is mostly an excuse to hang out and drink beer, but it is fun.

Last night we had 10 people, pushing the capacity of my poker table to the max. We played alternating rounds of Hold'em and Crazy Pineapple Hi-Lo 8 or Better. I ended up winning mostly in Pineapple 8, but the following hands are all from Hold'em:

In the 4th hand of the evening, we saw 3 boats. Betting had been capped preflop, pretty unusual for us. The flop was something like Q74. Turn was a 4, river was an ace. The three players had QQ, 77, and AA. Holder of the Queens is actually the girlfriend of the holder of the Aces, and that made for some interesting post-hand arguments over whether she had taken a bad beat or whether the best hand had simply won out, with me defending the Aces.

Later, Mrs. Cheap Thrills got "Spaniel" Daniel to fold a pair of tens heads up. She then showed the hammer!

And finally in one of the funniest hands I've seen at the home game, Gilbert, aka "Big Bert," decided to play his hand blind. With a lot of action and two tens on the board, Big Bert turned over pocket tens at the showdown for the 4 of a kind, causing quite the stir.

There were a lot of other interesting hands, but those 3 stood out as blogworthy.

Toward the end of the evening we got down to 6-handed, and rather than play a split-pot game with so few players, we switched to alternating rounds of Hold'em and Ace-to-5 Triple-Draw Lowball. This is a game that UltimateBet spreads and that the new Super System 2 has a chapter devoted to (my copy of SS2 is on the way from Amazon). We only played about 12 hands of Triple Draw, but I thought it was pretty interesting and would like to play again.

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