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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Replacing Annoying Sound Files
I am still swamped with work this week so just another quick post. In a brief bit of procrastination yesterday I was browsing through the 2+2 forums, and found this post. Briefly, the poster explains that, annoyed with the chip, card, and "it's your turn" sounds at Party, he took the corresponding wav files from his Paradise Poker folder, renamed them, and put them in his Party folder. Just an easy way to get less annoying sounds. I did the same thing last night for Absolute Poker -- the sound that AP makes if you exceed your 15 seconds or whatever is just awful. Not that I exceed my time limit very often, but when I do the damn bell-buzzer sound that AP makes always startles me, so I replaced it with a soft "ding" wav that is less likely to induce heart attack.

Replacing annoying sound files with more pleasant ones -- why didn't I think of that?

In a neat bit of coincidence, the day after I discover this little sound file trick, Bill Rini posts a lament on The Sorry State of Online Poker. I know that whenever I log on to a poker site, and I get the "a software update is available -- click to install" message, I always hope that there will be some noticeable improvement in the site's lobby or interface. But there usually never is. Anyway, great post, check it out if you haven't already.

After reading the "sorry state of..." article that you referenced, I got to thinkin', "hey, I had a royal flush a few weeks ago on AbsolutePoker and didn't get a darn thing out of it." So, I emailed Gary at their promotions department with the hand # and a screenshot of the hand and now I've got an AbsolutePoker apparel package coming my way (hat, shirt, playing cards, commemorative poker chip).

Glad you posted that link!!!
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