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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

VVPQotW: WPT Grand Prix de Paris
A few notes on tonight's episode:

1) Watching all those Europeans stew over Tony G's boorish behavior was just as much fun as it was last year.

2) Watching all of Tony G's suckouts somehow made me feel better about the low limits. The high-level pros have to deal with variance and obnoxious know-it-alls too!

3) There was a commercial for Austrialian tourism during the last break. Pretty funny given that Tony G was representing the country so well.

4) The WPT's promos for next week's episode have crossed the line from "not funny" to "just plain offensive." A couple weeks ago they had voice-overs giving us the "thoughts" of Doyle Brunson and whatever young kid made that week's final table. They had the young kid thinking something like "when you were young the cards were made of stone." Making fun of elderly folk with a lame joke--that's, um, lame. This week, though, they had David Pham's "thoughts" done in a stereotypical evil-Chinese-wizard's-sidekick voice straight out of Kung Fu theatre dubbing. Then they have Carlos Mortensen "reply" in similarly stereotypical voice. Please, WPT, please stop these offensive attempts at humor. I'm fairly thick-skinned PC-wise, but there just aren't even a little funny.

OK, onto the Vince Van patten Quote of the Week:
"Well, I guarantee you one thing. Tony G really doesn't have a whole lot of friends."
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Yea, being an Asian guy myself, I'm not particularly offended, but they could have done better than that for the Dragon. Why not a more wise Confucious type voice???

I like the 2nd cut of the commercial though, where the busty waitress is pretty much shoving her goodies in his face. What _any_ guy would be thinking at that point, I'm sure they couldn't air. :)
I actually thought that commercial was a riot, especially the version where the show him gawking at the waitress. Nobody would ever accuse me of being the least bit PC though.

What did you think of VVP using the Spanish accent to talk about Carlos Mortensen taking down a pot with a big bet tonight?

Derek Libby (Vegas BP2)
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