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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Good Side of Variance
I haven't been playing that much online poker the past few weeks, and when I have played it's been Triple Draw at UltimateBet, or the Stud-8 tourneys at Stars, or an occasional sit-n-go at Paradise or Absolute. I haven't really improved my Hold'em ring game in months, but I like to think I'm broadening my poker game in general by improving at other games and formats. On Tuesday, however, I deposited at Empire for the 50 percent reload bonus, and yesterday I got in a good number of hands. I caught great cards and was reminded just how profitable a night of grinding at Party et al. can be. Here are the happy numbers:

$1/$2 Hold'em
421 hands, 415 of which were raked
$135 won
15.96 BB/100

$1/$2 Stud-8
About an hour and a half of play
$45.50 won

Joy joy.

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