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Monday, May 23, 2005

I'll Take 2
My name is JD and I have a Badugi problem. The problem is that I am losing a lot at Badugi.

Overall, this weekend was a good poker weekend. On Friday B (who is largely goofing off until we move to Minneapolis in July) went down to Foxwoods and doubled her buy-in at $2/$4. Well done. Also, I've returned to the $2/$4 Party tables with good results so far. My reasoning in overcoming my financial concerns about $2/$4 was not too far of "Shit, if she can do it, so can I." So thanks B :-)

Then Saturday night, Campbooool hosted an 18-player tourney at his pad. $20 buy-in. This was something of a sequel to the tourney I played with these guys slightly over a year ago. I took second in last year's tourney, just a few weeks before I started this blog. But everyone's gotten much better at poker since then. Dammit. :-( This time, I went out midway when my pocket aces were cracked by pocket tens. What are you gonna do.

To my happiness, a side game started up. We played HBO (Hold'em-Badugi-Omaha). Had to explain Badugi to most of the players, go figure.

Unlike our usual cheap-cheap-cheap House of Cheap Thrills home game limits -- .25/.50 -- we played .50/$1.00 limits. Crazy! I started off okay and then lost way too many big bets at Badugi. I lost what I felt were a couple tough hands early -- a made Budugi 8 on 2nd street, followed by a made Badugi 6 straight out. But that is the nature of Badugi. I also, as per usual, did lousy at Omaha (I love raising with second-best!).

Anyway, I ended up down $29, and that's just too many big bets. Mostly, I blame the half-bottle of Cutty Sark that I drank. But I really think that I stank the joint up with my Badugi play. I seem to have a problem folding in that game.

Overall, a really fun weekend, even though I got trampled in home game poker. Just a little note to myself here: Tighten that Badugi game the f*** up, dumbass!

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