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Monday, May 16, 2005

That's Gold, Baby, Gold!
B and I spent the weekend in Vermont with friends. Our buddy Campbell (aka Campboooooool) has got a cabin up there. Muy nice place and we had a great time. We got in a little low-stakes poker action on Saturday night -- at which my drunk ass somehow managed to lose $10 in under and hour -- but for me the best poker-related moment of the weekend was Saturday afternoon, when, while sitting around channel surfing, we happened upon this season's WPT Mirage event. B, Campbool, and I had aready seen it, but our other 3 friends had not, and 2 of them had never even seen the WPT. Campbell and I turned up the volume for Scotty Nguyen's exit interview with Shana Hiatt, where he says stuff like "You're too fine to be walking around while I'm playing, baby," and she doesn't catch on to what he's saying until he's already gotten in 3 great lines. An absolutely golden WPT moment, that.

Vermont is awesome this time of year!!
Hmmm, I suspect the good doctor is joking here. This weekend a number of places were closed for "mud season," and all of New England is having a very rainy spring. However, I think Vermont is pretty any time of year, this weekend included.
Oddly enough, the high point of MY weekend in VT was taking 10 bucks from your drunk ass ;)

But yeah, it was a great trip, and few things beat Scotty Nguyen.
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