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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Victorious B
This past Wednesday B again played in the Riverush free bar tourney. For the 5th time in a row she made the final table, and this time she won!

Her prize was another t-shirt, a $20 credit at the bar where the tourney was held, and the WPT "Complete Texas Hold'em Book and Card Set," which consists of two decks of WPT cards and a book titled WPT Official Poker Rules.

On the cover of the book, in italics, it says "Featuring Texas Hold'em." This reminds me of a somewhat funny thing that happened this past Christmas. I was at a buddy's house and his brother gave him a WPT folding poker table -- it was kind of like a normal circular card table but the cover was felt with the WPT logo and it had a nice bumper. Anyway, it came with a box that had a few chips, decks of cards, a dealer button, etc. As he was opening this present he started setting up the poker table, and I said "check out what's in the box," wondering exactly how many chips were there and so forth. But to my remark the gift-giving brother's wife replied in all seriousness "Probably Texas Hold'em." We gave her a good ribbing over that one: "Oh, is Texas Hold'em in there? Can I borrow it some time?" "I hope it comes with Seven Card Stud too," etc.

Anyway, congrats to B. She will playing in the Riverush finals a week from today, but unfortunately I will miss it (I'll be attending a convention -- Gen Con -- for work).

Congrats B!

These sounds like great fun... I wish we had some sort of freeroll setup back this way.
how the hell do you get to attend GenCon for work?
I work for a board game company: http://cheapthrillsjd.blogspot.com/2005/06/good-hunting-in-minnesota.html
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