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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Paradise/Sportsbook Chip Set Offer
Yes, I am still here and still reading blogs. No I have not posted since mid-August, nor have I played a lot of online poker. But I'm going to Vegas in October (2-year wedding anniversary), so I'm planning to jump back on the horse in the next couple weeks.

Just wanted to do a quick post to mention a Paradise/Sportsbook offer I received. Place one $10 bet each week of the NFL season, and you get a poker chip set. Big whoop, you say, another poker chip set. But look at the offer here. I can't tell for sure from the photo, but these chips look like they might have the Paradise Poker logo on them. As a parrothead I have always thought that Paradise Poker had the coolest "theme" of any online poker room, and I have always wanted a Pardise Poker chipset, the kind they give only to frequent high-limit players or as a prize in the occasional $1 tourney. Making a $10 bet each week of the NFL season is something I'll probably do anyway, so I'm happy to do it at Sportsbook and get a chip set out of it -- and if it is a Paradise chip set, well, that'd just be the bomb yo.

Hey JD - when in October will you be in Vegas? Randy and I will be there Oct 19-24.
We'll be there the 21st to the 24th! We'll have to coordinate.
I wager at Sportsbook too... didn't know about the chip set.

But for some reason it won't accept my "ID".
Bummer. I guess the promotion might be limited to only some customers.
I found out what they were looking for. Just gotta remember to bet there each week now :P
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