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Sunday, October 16, 2005

One Week Til Vegas
So I am not playing in the online poker blogger championship next Sunday. Not because I have no chance of winning, and not because I haven't been much of a poker blogger lately -- the event looks awesome and I'd be there if I didn't have a big something else going on. But on Sunday the 23rd I'll be in Vegas, at the Mirage, either playing $3/$6 or making -EV NFL bets, or who am I kidding, both.

For B and me this is partly a 2-year anniversary celebration, but also a get-together with friends we no longer live near. We got married in Vegas two years ago, and we decided we'd back out to Vegas as an anniversary present to ourselves every couple of years, and we figured why not invite a bunch of friends and family, since everyone had such a good time together in Vegas at the wedding. So this coming weekend B and I will have my family plus 6 or 7 friends to carouse with. Should be awesome.

I have been a little more active on the online poker front. One incident that spurred this along was when, about three weeks, ago I played in a free bar tourney with B and K, my friend from work. K loves tournament poker and plays bar freerolls like 3 or 4 nights a week at least. This one was right around the corner from our apartment. It was on a Sunday, so K came over and we watched some football, then we headed over to the tourney at about 5pm. I got very cold cards, then went out on a pretty rough beat. (QT from the big blind, floop has 2 tens, I get my opponent all in, he has a jacks and on hits on the river.) I was quite frustrated til I realized "wait, what is the damn prize in this freakin' freeroll anyway? A $50 bar tab? Screw this." So I head home, hop on Party $2/$4, and go up $120 in about an hour and a half. Then I felt much better.

I liked Felicia's post on why she doesn't play tournaments anymore. Her reasons are not exactly the same as mine, but I sympathize with the feeling of "tournaments are just not for me."

Another recent post that struck a chord with me was Chris Halverson's 2-year review, in which he talks about poker taking a backseat to other things in his life. I've definitely been focused on things besides poker since our move in July, and while it's hurt this blog it's been good for my life.

But poker definitely has its time and place, and for me next weekend is it. B and I had great success at the Mirage poker room last year and I hope to repeat that. We got the poker rate at the Mirage, so the more we play, the less our hotel bill will be. As if we need the incentive. My plan is to play a lot during the day, and hang out with all our friends all night.

Looking beyond Vegas, I also want to start getting down to the Canterbury on at least a monthly basis, but for now I am focused on the Mirage. Party gave me a free $50 to play around with, so I am 2-tabling .50/$1 to clear it. Based on just about every session live poker that I've played in a casino, online .50/$1 is much better practice for live play than $2/$4 is.

OK, I hope everyone has a blast in the Pokerstars tourney, and I hope to have a trip report next time I post.

Hey JD - Sunday the 23rd, Randy and I will also be in Vegas :) We're going the 19th to the 25th. Much poker is to be played. Drop me a line if you want to meet up!
Good luck in Vegas!

I am heading there too (for a Jimmy Buffet concert) and hope to find some time to play poker.
You're seeing Jimmy! I'm jealous. We considered trying to get tickets to that show but we cheaped out. Oh well, at leats there's pletny else to in Vegas!
Good luck in Vegas!!!
Thanks Drizz! Shelly, I shot you an e-mail on Sunday - hope we can meet up!
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