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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Go Read Tommy Angelo
I've mentioned Tommy Angelo a couple times before in this blog but I've never devoted a full-blown, "you must go and read this guy" post to him. Well, here it is. I read a lot of poker blogs and I hardly ever see this poker pro mentioned, yet on his website Tommy Angelo's got some of the funniest, most insightful poker writing I've read. He doesn't actually blog, nor, unfortunately, does he have an RSS feed, so I actually have to (gasp) remember to go and visit his site every month or so. Here's an excerpt from his latest article, which is one of his best yet:
By 1990 I was folding enough to support my food and rent habit. This freed up lots of time for lots more folding. Before long I got so good at folding that I could afford to get stupid at first one flavor of gambling then another and another. My tether line to solvency was always the folding. Anytime I was low on money, all I had to do was stop betting and stop eating and get back to the folding.
If he's new to you, you can have the fun of reading through all his archived poker articles and Tommyisms.

thanks for the heads up...i'll check him out...
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