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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dang, this past week or so I'm not playing much and I'm not playing well. I'm sure one of these two things will turn around soon and I'll post about the anomaly ;-)

Til then, go read some pure gold from Felicia:

Learning to Think Like a Fish

Learn to Act Like a Loser

Some highlights to live by:

I realize that poker is not chess, it is poker, and that I rarely have even as much as 5% of an advantage over the worst player at the table, because of the luck factor.

If you are truly angry and upset, you are the one with the problem, not the fish. . . . Be a man. Just buck up and smile.

Why would you want anyone to know you are good? Why would you want your opponents to play better against you?

I can tell huge lies at the table, if it means that I keep the fish happy, smiling and throwing their chips around. I never want the game to go silent, or get tight.
Love that second line. Felicia is one of the few bloggers I read who unflinchingly discusses the nature of real, cash-game, casino poker. You're not participating in a glamorous contest, you're not competing with fellow gents from the country club to see who's best at the game. Your are not a beautiful poker-playing snowflake :-) No, you are (or at least you should be trying) to sit down with players who are worse than you, preferably much worse, and take their money.

Usually when I try to explain this basic truth, folks think I'm kidding or just talking tough. Maybe I not as articulate as I want to be? I guess the next time someone tells me they don't like playing against fish, I will just have to send them the above links.

But people that "don't like playing against fish", become fish themselves when tilted by said fish. With these players, I just commiserate with them. Ends up going along the lines of "don't educate the fish". -grin-

PS: how come when I looked up "commiserate" to check my spelling, that I got a link for "Colon Cleansing ..."???
I'm not a snowflake?!?!!

Thank you!

It is so rare that I don't get blasted these days. It's actually refreshing to go to a site, see my name, and not have to cringe.

I'm glad someone is getting something out of it!
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