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Sunday, June 25, 2006

High Stakes Poker - Best Ep yet
OK, just gotta say that I watched this week's (the 3rd of the second season?) episode of High Stakes Poker, and it was the best ep I've seen so far. (It aired Monday the 19th but I had DVRed it.) Without giving too much away to anyone who hasn't seen it, it had:

-Some of the funniest commentary from Gabe Kaplan yet, and he didn't even have Phill Hellmuth to work with. (No offense to Norm Chad, but I wish Gabe was still involved with the World Series. I watched him host a couple of the World Series back when the film quality was awful, and he did a fine job.)
-Daniel Negreanu talking like a gansta.
-Lots of fun trash talk between Negreanu and Mike Matusow.
-Mike Matusow committing a breach of poker etiquette, Antonion Esfandiari calling him on it, and Mike actually apologizing. The pros argue about these things too.

This is the best poker show on TV, and this was the coolest ep so far.

it's on my tivo - now i gotta watch it!! :)
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