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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

California Here We Come
So the big news that I alluded to in my last post is that we are moving to Los Angeles at the end of August. Mrs. Cheap Thrills has been offered a really great job in Santa Monica, and she's gonna fly out there in a couple weeks to find us a place to live.

I know many people have mixed feelings about L.A., and yeah, traffic and smog are not fun, but B and I are incredibly thrilled to be moving back to California. A quick recap of our moving around the country:

-B's from NYC, I'm from Philly. We met in college in upstate NY.
-In summer 1997, one year outta college, B gets a good job in San Diego and we move out there for 3 very fun years.
-In summer 2000, we move back east to Providence, RI, so that B can get her PhD.
-In summer 2005, B graduates and gets a job in Minneapolis, so we move again.

And here I am following her again. What can I say, she's worth it.

We are kinda bummed to be leaving Minneapolis so soon. We never really thought we'd be here permanently, but we thought it'd be 2 or 3 years at least. And Minneapolis is really fantastic city (with a helluva poker room). I can honestly say that I could live here for the rest of my life and be quite happy, and I can't say that about a lot of cities. I also would've liked to stay at my current job a while longer. Working on board games is fun.

But moving back to California is basically a dream come true. We didn't realize just how much we loved the ocean, the sun, the palm trees, and California's unique culture until we left San Diego. I can't wait to surf again.

And we will be less than a 4-hour drive to Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the next few weeks, however, poker is going on to the back burner. We've got all the financial headaches of a cross-country move, coupled with my impending unemployment. I'm pretty much scared money right now. It feels a lot like last summer!

Oh well, I'll still be able to watch High Stakes Poker, read about the WSOP, and all that. And as soon as I'm bringing home a steady paycheck again, B and I are gonna make that drive across the desert to celebrate.

Plus, in my last post I talked about how my game was in a rut. Well, there's no cure for stasis like a really huge change, right?

GL out on the west coast JD.
Thanks, Blood!
ditto what bb said. best of luck on the move and enjoy the card rooms. :)a
congrats! :)
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