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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Time Has Come
Well, we are safely arrived in Santa Monica, and have been here exactly two weeks since yesterday. Moving was kinda tough -- driving a moving truck over the Rockies was particularly scary -- but we're here, and hopefully this willl be our last cross-country move. I will be consulting for my former company for the next several months, then . . . who knows. I'm tempted to write about how fun it is being back in California, how big L.A. seems compared to anywhere I've ever lived before, how psyched I am to get back into surfing . . . but none of that has anything to do with poker.

So I feel the time has come for me to announce that this blog is on indefinite hiatus. My poker playing had been on hiatus for a while now, partly due to the financial stress of our move, but also partly because poker is just not as big a part of my life as it was in the first two years of this blog.

I'm certainly not giving up poker. I love the game and plan to play regularly for the rest of my life. I'll just no longer be posting about it on a frequent basis.

Nor am I going to take down this blog. For one thing, I still get a kick out of going through the archives and reading my more naive 2004 self. But I also think I'll be posting here now and then -- B and I still plan to visit Las Vegas regularly, especially now that we're so much closer to it, and sooner or later we'll be hitting the Commerce Casino and the other L.A. card rooms. I always felt my trip reports were my best posts, so I'll still write a few of those a year. Maybe with the wonders of RSS, some of you might actually read them.

The poker blogosphere is a wonderful thing -- I'm happy to have been a small part of it, and grateful to the founding bloggers who commented and encouraged me in my first nervous weeks. While I won't be posting much, I'll remain an avid reader, so keep the quality posts coming!

Best of luck to you both. Looking forward to the 1st trip report...post-hiatus. :)
Glad your move went well! Good luck with everything :)
hurry back and give us updates!
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