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Monday, April 19, 2004

This Week's Highlights
"Quotes to start your post seem like all the rage."
--Icey in the World of Poker
Quick highlights from tonight's catch-up-on-the-blogs session:

Pauly, Felicia Lee, and Chris Halverson each chronicle their trips to Las Vegas.

HDouble gleans poker wisdom from The Big Lebowski. The dude abides. This follows HDouble's previous post comparing Rounders and The Huster.

Mean Gene explores the nature of luck: "We now delve into the realm of the unquantifiable, the mystical, the probably completely stupid."

Grubby has introduced a fun new hand of the week contest. Also through Grubby's blog I noticed this awesome tool -- it converts hand histories from Absolute, Empire, Party, Paradise, Stars, and UB into a more readable format.

Love and Casino war has this link on trivia related to playing cards. Definitely gonna have to revisit this site before I host my next poker night, so I can spout off bizarre facts while other players are trying to think.

Finally, Linda provides a history of poker as she has seen it. She's seen a lot, and her post reads like firsthand testimony that yes, we are living in a golden age for poker.

There's tons more great poker blogging I'm missing, but I have to hit the sack. For more comprehenseive highlights I refer you to Iggy, who continues to delight and inform with his ability to stay on top of all the poker content out there, as well as a new blog I've added to my reading list, Flopped the Nuts. (A topic for a future post is going to have to be "poker blog names I wish I'd thought of.")

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