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Thursday, June 10, 2004

VVPQotW: Bay 101 Shooting Stars
I'm a day late in getting the Vince Van Patten Quote of the Week Up, because I was too busy playing online last night (more on that in my next post). Actually this gave me the chance to read some other bloggers' take on the episode before posting my own. Pokerama-rama has some interesting observations this week.

Moneymaker reaffirmed that he has a very likeable everyman quality. Also I noticed that everyone called him just "Moneymaker." So uncool to call him Chris.

Phil Gordon also has a strong "nice guy of poker" image, with that big grin of his and his friendly stylings on Celebrity Poker Letdown (copyright Pauly McGrupp), but in last night's episode he seemed determined to be grim. It was like he watched reruns of the first WPT Aruba, where it seemed he had a bit too much to drink, and decided he needed to serious-ify his image.

I fear that Mike Sexton had more good lines than VVP this week. (If this keeps up I'm going to have to change it from the Vince Van Patten Quote of the Week to the broader WPT Quote of the week.) When Suzie Kim went all-in after flopping a pair of jacks, against Scott Wilson's pocket 7s, Mike Sexton said, "Scott's two sevens just shrunk up a little bit." At that point B (aka Mrs. Cheap Thrills) turns to me and says "You know Mike Sexton wanted to say 'Scott's pair just shrunk up a little bit' there, but the WPT wouldn't allow it." Heh heh heh.

Now on to the VVPQotW. After Suzie made trip 8s on the river against Mark Mache's pocket 9s, VVP said
There's nothing worse than poker pain.
This was an example of Vince adding drama to a moment by tossing out a "poetic truth." A poetic truth is something that is not really true, but seems like it might be if you think either too hard or not enough about it :)

Next week: The WPT Hollywood Home Game 3 featuring James Woods and Daniel Baldwin. Am I alone in being geeky enough to know that they starred in John Carpenter's Vampires together?

Click here for last week's VVPQotW.

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