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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Crossover Appeal of Poker and Horseracing
I stumbled upon this Daily Racing Form article mostly by accident. It talks about the crossover appeal of poker and horseracing (both are games that can be beat with study and smart decision-making) and asks, "With the aforementioned crossover appeal of poker and horseracing, could handicapping tournaments also make for good TV?" My first thought: No direct confrontations between handicappers = no drama. I'm sure some smart TV exec could surprise me, though, and make handicapping somehow more "extreme."

After finishing Ainslie's Complete Guide to Throughbred Racing, I've been practicing handicapping with the June 19 Daily Racing Form I picked up last time I was at Foxwoods. Examine past performance records, pick your bet, then go to the DRF website and look up who actually won. So far it's providing concrete evidence that horses are not something I should be large sums on. I did really enjoy Ainslie's book, though, and am looking forward to wagering small sums next month in Saratoga.

And because I simply could not put up a post on horses and poker without a link to Boy Genius, here you go!

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