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Monday, October 04, 2004

Pretty Amazing
On Friday this blog turned six months old. So for six months I've been blogging, and for six and half months I've been reading poker blogs. I don't think I can really describe just how much blogging, and following other poker bloggers, has enhanced my game and my appreciation for the game.

If I had to pick I'd say that reading other poker bloggers has probably helped me more than my own blogging. The range of perspectives out there is just amazing. I've followed other low limit players as they learned the game. Some of them have had great success, some have busted out. I've followed pros, some of whom have had great success, and some of whom have busted out. I've followed tournament and ring game players, sit-n-go experts and short-handed specialists, fans of limit and no-limit, Hold'em, 7-Stud, and pot-limit Omaha. I've followed players who live in Vegas, and players who live in France, players who blog about the WPT and WSOP as they're watching them, and players who don't have cable. I've read countless casino trip reports, and countless tales of drunken home game craziness. I've followed players as they analyze their game with statistics, and as they ponder what attracts us all to the game. (I could do with fewer bad beats stories, though! :-)

You can't get that range of perspectives from a library of poker books, or from a lifetime subscription to Card Player. I imagine the only way to possibly top it would be to quit your day job, move to Vegas, and chat up everyone in the card room all night long, every night.

But I gush. To sum up: It's a pretty amazing little community.

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