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Saturday, January 15, 2005

That's More Like It
So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I cashed out of Empire this week. I was tempted to go play the bad beat jackpot tables at Party that everyone keeps talking about, but I decided to buy into Pokerroom for the signup bonus instead. I'm happy to report that I'm up about $160 after playing Thursday and Friday night, which goes a long way toward reversing the slide I've experienced the past couple weeks.

I had a couple notches of Jameson while watching Tilt on Thursday night, so following my new rule of not playing $2/$4 online after drinking, I stuck to $1/$2. (Actually the rule is "no beer + online poker," so I was in a gray area.) Boy did I get a soft table, very loose-passive. I finished up almost $100. Unfortunately, I screwed up and didn't realize until after a couple hundred hands that you need to turn the "statistics" option on in Pokerroom in order to get hand histories, so I'm not sure how many hands I played.

Then last night I played $2/$4 and there were a lot more rocks. Still pretty passive though. I finished up another $60 there last night. Interesting that $1/$2 might be overall more profitable, but really I think I got with the deck on Thursday, and of coirse I'm really being too results-oriented with all this anyway. Playing weak opponents probably isn't helping me improve my game much, but it sure is good for the bankroll.

The Pokerroom bonus is slower to clear than Party--more along the lines of Absolute, but still way better than UB. Table selection of course can't compare to Party--it's a little worse than Paradise but much better than Absolute. The software is above average (I consider Paradise and Pkerstar's to be the best). Good note-taking interface.

Mostly I'm enjoying a change of pace. And did I mention the passivity? I'll return to Party & affiliates soon enough, but for now I'm enjoying seeing the same players more than once--I'm using PokerTracker's real-time window, which I rarely do at Party since people table-hop so much and then you never see them again. It is definitely nifty.

I added a bunch of new blogs to the links on the right. Some were recently pimped by Sir FWALGMan, Double Through, and of course Iggy, while others have been in my Bloglines blogroll for a while and I just hadn't gotten around to updating my template.

I'm going to play a little today, then it's football football football. Mrs. Cheap Thrills grew up in Brooklyn and is a huge Jets fan. I was raised an Eagles fan, and of course we live in Providence so we've grown to like the Patriots (obviously that's been more of a conflict for B than me). So right now there's several different Super Bowl matchups that would make us very happy. An all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl is the 11/5 favorite in the team props bets at Bodog right now (not that I'd take those odds). Go keystone state, get on with your dominating-the-NFL self.

Whoops, I just broke my rule about not blogging about football. What can I say, I'm psyched about the playoffs.

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