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Thursday, February 03, 2005

WPBT Wrap-Up
The Pokerstars WPBT event sure was fun last night, even if my play was not so good. I ended up finishing 63rd -- bleh.

At the first table I was seated between Iggy and Otis, with ToddCommish also at the table. I've been playing a lot of low-limit no-limit cash games lately to clear the bonus on Hollywoodpoker.com, and it's taught me bad habits. In the first couple levels I kept trying to limp in with weak hands, and of course I kept getting raised. Otis in particular was dominating the table, and did show one hammer.

I tightened up. In the 2nd or 3rd level I was on the BB with A-10, and got to see a free flop. Broadway. ToddCommish bet into me on every street. I was happy to improve my stack, but it wasn't much of a "skill" play on my part. That knocked Todd down to only $600 in chips, but he still managed to finish ahead of me.

Then I was moved to a new table, and short-stacked, when all-in with 33 and doubled up through Dane67. Then HDouble was moved to the seat to my left, but he was sitting out. By the time he joined the tourney, he only had 6x the BB. He went all in with K7 on the hand where I was the BB; everyone folded, I called with A8, and busted him. HDub was the only scalp I took in the tourney, however. I was eventually busted by Jerge, who went on to place 12th, so at least he made good use of my chips. I added his blog, Poker in Iowa, to my Bloglines blogroll, and will have to get him up on the links to the right.

I had to be up early this morning to pick Mrs. Cheap Thrills up at the airport, so I didn't stay up to watch the whole tourney. Congrats to THG, and thanks again to Iggy for organizing!

Hey JD - thanks for the links to your poker table building posts! They will be mucho helpful! I've added ya to the blogroll - dunno how I missed you before :)
Aww, ack, I had almost forgotten about that hand. I actually made a pretty good laydown with AK. Once you raised back on the turn, I had to figure you for KQ, KJ, QJ, or the dreaded AT for Broadway, so I laid down TPTK. By the way, thanks for showing it. It made me feel better about laying it down.
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