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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Quick Update
So I spent all of last week at a board game convention in Ohio. It was a blast. I will spare you most of the nerdy details and concentrate on the poker. I played in two tournaments in which the blinds went up very, very quickly. I cashed in neither so I lost a total of $20 in buy-ins. I also won $40 in a NL cash game (.50/$1 blinds) for an overall poker profit. That game broke up all too quickly as people lost their initial buy-ins and refused to rebuy. I tried to start a limit cash game a couple times to no avail. I got odd looks from a few people I considered to be competent beginner poker players -- a couple of them merely scoffed at the idea of playing limit, while one -- the guy who had just won $90 in the NL game -- said had actually never played limit before (let alone anything besides Hold'em)! Amazing.

Oh yeah, B (Mrs. Cheap Thrills) was out on the first hand of one of the tournaments. (She was the highest-finishing female player in the only tournament they held last year.) Her AQs flopped an ace with a flush draw, and the K-10 on board also gave her a straight draw. The turn gave her another ace and she was all-in. Her opponent had QJ for the straight and that was that.

B also sucessfully defended her thesis yesterday. The formal graduation ceremony won't be until Memorial Day, but she now has her PhD and is joking about making everyone call her Doc B. She's still interviewing for a job -- right now it looks like we'll have to make a decision between a potentially permanent position in DC or a postdoc in Minneapolis, but nothing is really concrete yet.

We're off to a wedding in LA this Thursday night, so not much poker or blogging for me this week. Once we get back from that we will take a much-needed break from traveling and spend most of May at home. I also hope to get our home poker gaming going again in May. There's nowhere else I can scratch my Badugi itch. (Ugh, that sounds unpleasant.)

how are those games in ohio any good? ever play up in seattle? tough up here. hehe.

hello again. Thanks for the link to my blog. i see you've got more good posts. do you think you could hook me up w/ a link to my other poker strategy website? I've been working on it so hardcore for the past 2 months (everyday for at least 2 hours) and it has a lot of good poker articles that i'd like to pass the word about. i'd love a link and any feedback.
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If you come to DC, give me a shout. I live an hour and a half away, and work in Silver Spring, MD
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