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Monday, May 16, 2005

Interesting Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
I was reading Card Player this morning over breakfast. An odd thing about subscribing to Card Player is that they put up the web version of each new issue 3 or 4 days before I get my print copy, so by the time I read the issue, more timely poker bloggers than me have already posted about the most interesting articles in it. But the upside of subscribing is that I get to read at least some poker content away from the computer.

I particularly enjoyed this week's article by I. Nelson Rose, discussing the relatively recent Pennsylania law legalizing slot machines. (I grew up in a suburb of Philly and I'm down there several times a year visiting friends and family.) I posted once before on the Naragansett Indians' attempt to get a casino here in RI, and Rose's article on the PA law really captures the messiness of the politics that tend to surround such attempts.

Then in catching up with blogs this morning, I see that Jeremy linked to a blogger named Moneyball, who's written a paper titled Pocket Aces: A Comprehensive Look at the Legality of Off-Shore Internet Gambling Within the USA. It's a pretty great overview of the history of the issue and, more usefully, a concise summary of recent legal developments and what they may mean for online poker.

So I've had a morning full of reading about gambling laws. Now back to work!

I really like the magazine "All In". They've got some pretty good stuff in there. check it out. Also, if you get a chance i created a strategy guide on my site you might be interested in.
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