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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Opening Day at the Canterbury
So Mrs. Cheap Thrills was out of town this weekend. Usually when left to my own devices I drink too much beer and/or play too much online poker. This weekend was a little different.

My birthday was last week, and I got an iPod. Yes, I am a few years late in realizing that these things are pretty darn cool. However, I found myself spending a lot of time organizing the hell of out of my collection of 5000+ songs, and when the weekend rolled around I was determined to get away from the computer and out of the house.

So Saturday I went down to the Canterbury for the opening day of racing season. It was also Kentucky Derby day. I figured the poker room would be packed, but I was wrong. I arrived at 1:30 and there was open seating for $3/$6 and $4/$8. But it was too nice outside, so I went out and watched the races. Placed about $20 in bets that went nowhere: I enjoy the ponies but boy does it feel -EV to bet 'em. Oh well. I had a very nice time just sitting in the sun, listening to music, and sipping a beer. (Miller Lite -- I realize I'm as heavy as I've ever been -- I blame my first Minnesota winter -- so I'm on a diet). Definitely gotta get down to the track a lot this summer. Mrs. Cheap Thrills had taken the camera with her on her trip, or else I would've snapped some photos.

By 3:30 the grandstand was in the shade, and it was getting just a bit unpleasantly windy. Plus I thought the poker room might fill up aftere the Kentucky Derby ran at 5pm. So I placed $10 on my Kentucky Derby pick (#17, Lawyer Ron).

To my suprise there was still open seating for $4/$8. I sat down and won my first hand with a set of 2s.

I kinda wanted to listen to my iPod as I played, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. For one thing I was worried I'd miss some part of the action, but mostly I just felt like it would be rude. Maybe as I get used to wearing the headphones they'll feel less conspicous.

Unfortunately, the session did not go all that well, and I lost $140. Not so bad for $4/$8, but certainly not good. I can't even complain about the cards -- I got my share of good hands, but I also misplayed several. Notably I made a couple "good laydowns" that in retrospect I think were mistakes. I think I still have a lot more hesitation in tossing the chips out there at $4/$8 that I do at $3/$6, which annoys me because rationally I'm not that worried about the extra money. But irrationally I guess $4/$8 still bothers the cheapass in me. Gotta work on that.

The other factor is that my live game suffers when I haven't played in a while. But Mrs. Cheap Thrills and I are set to head back down in 2 weeks for the first Friday night race session, which I'm sure will be followed by poker. So hopefully I'll get my mojo back soon enough.

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