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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cheap Thrills used to boast a little feature called the Vince Van Patten Quote of the Week. I no longer have the mental fortitude to carefully dissect two hours of VVP's musings, looking for the tiny gem among all the fool's gold. But I was watching High Stakes Poker tonight and Sammy Farha had one line that was so good I knew I had to blog it. So I present you with the High Stakes Poker Quote of the Week.

With Jx suited, Sammy threatens to bet blind preflop - but pulls his chips back at the last second. Jennifer Harman jokingly calls him a chicken. Flopping a flush draw, he jokes back, then makes a (5k? 10k?) bet into a $20,000 pot. Then he tops it off with:
Don't ever call me chicken. Never ever. You know why? Because I'm drinking.
I am going to steal this line next time I am drunk at a home game (if I can remember it). Also, I want to see a heads-up battle between Farha and Scotty Nguyen :-)

Yeah, Sammy's been on fire so far this season. But when was he on the Home Shopping Network?

Oh, and the on-going tussles between Negraneau and Matusow have been priceless.

I don't even watch WPT anymore. HSP is all the fix I need...
Oh man it took me like a day to realize what the Home Shopping Network reference was. I've now fixed the title of the post from "HSN QotW" to "HSP QotW.)
I'm sure you had that same confused look on your face that I'm used to seeing when we play against each other in a hand...

oh SNAP!
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