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Thursday, August 04, 2005

I'm Used to the Emasculation
So Mrs.Cheap Thrills took 3rd last night in the Riverush tourney. She went without me -- I had previously committed to playing board games with some guys from work instead.

So let's see, that's 4 Riverush final tables in a row for B, and 3 unremarkable bust-outs for me. Sigh.

We're headed to the Canterbury this Saturday. My hope is to win more than B so I can at least claim that I still wear the cash-game poker pants in the Cheap Thrills household. No pressure.

Keep your woman in line sir! Tell her to bake you a pie, instead wasting all this time "playing poker"!

Congrats B, good play! Not that I expect otherwise, of course. Could you please skool your husband a bit? He's making our entire gender look bad...
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